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Contoh Jurnal Internasional

The evolution of the Islamic finance industry is viewed by many as fantastic. From its small beginning in the 1970s, Islamic finance has now considered as a global industry. The audience of Islamic finance industry is expanding to non-Muslims and Western countries.

It is now in the stage of global integration to be adopted as part of the global financial system. The dramatic expansion might be seen as a success story which shows the world that Islam and the shariah can contribute positively to solving modern finance needs.

It is one the main be practical manifestations of the Islamic worldview in the field of economics and finance as well as one of the most visible features of Islamic revivalism in the latter part of the twentieth century.

Some, however, do not view the dramatic development in a relatively short period as a natural progression from the pioneering stage. Many questions have been raised about the Islamicity and genuineness of Islamic finance and the nature of its progress.

While evaluating progress is always a subjective enterprise, the criticisms cannot be underestimated, especially if we want to have real Islamic finance that can be sustainably developed in the future and have a solid implication to the actual economic sector.

Islamic finance has been expected to offer innovative solutions to the modern financial problem while having its roots on shariah principles.

Therefore, the financial innovations in this objective would be defined as how to find alternative ways of performing the universal functions of financial system through various contracts approved by shariah that would perform financial intermediaries in a shariah compliant way.

Islamic finance product structuring is mostly

concerned with technical/operational concern of transforming the

conventional finance products by satisfying all Islamic legal requirements (usually termed as shariah compliance). This is done by exerting intellectual effort on achieving legal compliance of financial products by modifying the existing (non halāl) conventional products to meet Islamic legal requirements while maintaining the same objectives as the financial capitalist system.

The expectation is very high. Islamic finance products is expected not only viable and marketable, but also comply with Islamic law as well as truly reflect the spirit and objective of shariah in financial sphere.

In practice, the approach is done in three general steps, namely the negative screening of prohibited elements in the conventional structure, applying Islamic principles/contracts in different types of conventional finance

Finance is one of the important aspects of human life in fulfilling various needs as well as in increasing the quality of life. Finance assists economic development by allocating funds within society from those who have extra funds to those who needs funds to fulfil their needs.

In line with human progress, financial practices have been evolved from a simple transaction into a complicated and sophisticated arrangement.

Financial innovations involve all aspects from the design, development, implementation of innovative financial instruments and processes, and the formulation of creative solutions, to problems in finance.

Product innovation by structuring financial products that is new or significantly improved in its characteristics or intended uses is one of the aspects of innovation in finance. Innovations in the history of financial market varied hugely in terms of the size and nature of their effect, which may be profound or relatively trivial.

Some innovations are quite radical and bring significant impact in the way finance is practiced. Radical innovation is defined as an innovation that significantly disrupts the market into which it is born.

This disruption has costs attached to it, but these are outweighed by the long-term benefits.Importantly, the benefits largely accrue to the innovator and the consumer of the product, and the costs accrue to established market suppliers.

Financial innovations also can be seen in Islamic finance enterprise. Islamic finance came into existence in the late of the 20th century as a Innovations are directed to provide a ‘legal’ (halal) form of financial products and services.

The concern, in this regard, is more on finding ‘legal structure’ of a financial product that would justify financial practices in accordance with Islamic commercial law (fiqh al-muʻāmala).

Islamic finance is initially practiced by Muslim in individual countries has persuasively integrated into the global market and being viewed as an alternative system to the Capitalist financial system.

Moving forward, innovations are expected to go beyond legal-matters, by looking at the dimension of ethics, social, and economic values that would assist in the development of Islamic finance to be a solid financial system and empower community at large

Islamic finance, being a new perspective in understanding finance and an alternative to the capitalist financial system is expected to offer something new in financial dealings.

The expectation is not merely in offering financial products that are shariah compliant by using conventional structure, but also in the ability to provide financial products that are distinct coming up from Islamic teachings, worldview and principles.

Innovations in Islamic finance, in the next stage, would, therefore, be directed to answer those challenges.

However, to achieve that ambition, we have to create a safer environment whereby financial innovations are not only welcomed, but also supported in order to continue to flourish.

 This would include strong human capital, supportive legal and regulatory framework and committed participants in Islamic finance enterprise.

Therefore, continuous dialogue among stakeholders – financial sector businesses, regulators, industry bodies, scholars, consumers and nonfinancial institutions should be done.

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